Quick Update on Progress (5 months in)

Wow, I just reviewed my prior posts.

It’s been five months, and i wish I’d posted more because rereading my prior posts has been delightful.

My progress update.

As I mentioned in my prior post, after 5 months of study, I am about at the end of 2 semesters of college Spanish or 2 years of high school Spanish.  Pretty good progress, I would say.

However, please note, I am to some point guesstimating, and I should go ahead and take another actual assessment.  Finding another assessment will need to go on my to-do list.

I am currently learning infinitives and trying to make simple past tense conjugations stick in my brain.

I’ve abandoned my old grammar text, and primarily use Duolingo

I am remediating my auditory production and comprehension by using Pimsleur.  I’ve recently started at its very beginning, and enjoying it.  Pimsleur would have been pure torture five months ago, but using it for review is working well.

Supplementary Material – I read children’s picture books, watch movies in Spanish, Pinterest, read blogs in Spanish, and various other things that I stumble upon.  I’ve just started reading in Spanish, The Wizard of Oz, by Frank L. Baum.


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