Success. I can do present tense regular conjugations

I took a present tense regular conjugation quiz on today. And scored 94%. I only missed the two on Vosotros conjugation which I’ve never seen before.

I’ve been worried that the conjugations weren’t sticking, in part, because I know I would be hesitant to write down all of the conjugations for a verb out of context. But, being able to correctly conjugate the verbs in context is a much better gauge of my proficiency.

I’m not really thinking about how to conjugate. I just know which forms look right. Which I must say is a success.

Now, to focus on common verbs present tense irregular conjugation.


Yesterdays Activities

  • Spanish television – Caso Cerrado

Yes, I’m really enjoying these 2 websites, and I’m learning a lot from them.  They both have given me confidence that I really HAVE been learning something.