Connections – enseñar (to teach)


I just love making connections and knowing that I’ve just added another word to my vocabulary.

Yesterday, I started to read

    A First Spanish Reader
    </ by Erwin W. Roessler and Alfred Remy downloaded to my Kindle for free from . It's another oldie but goodie, and I learned the word, "enseñar".

    Mi maestro enseña el español.

    Today, while glancing at a blog I follow. I saw…

    Texto bíblico: Salmos 86:11 Enséñame, oh Jehová, tu camino; caminaré yo en tu verdad; afirma mi corazón para que tema tu nombre.

    It took a bit to figure out that Salmos is Psalms. Scrounging through Samuel did not help. But, JOY. I’ve a new word.


    (oh, and enséñame must be a passive construction I’m thinking like gustar. It shall be fun to figure that out.)


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