How Much Have I Learned?

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I’ve spent the past day assessing my progress.

I’m thrilled to have completed about a quarter of my grammar text, but have I really learned anything?

I know that I’m understanding more Spanish than I was before, but I’m still struggling with regular present tense conjugations.  I lack confidence when I’m conjugating verbs.  So, I need more practice.  Where do I get the practice?  Well, I think the best is to read more in the present tense, so that the conjugations become just a routine.  So, I scrounged through some readers that I put on my Kindle, and I have a reader that I’m going to add to my daily study.  I shall have to get the title., but it’s another free to download and therefore over 100 years old.  The second thing I want to do is practice conjugations.  My grammar text builds on what I’ve learned previously, so I may get more practice as I progress.  But, I’ve also looked at some other texts to see if they may help me with additional review, but I rather pick up the practice via a reader.

A blog that I’d read had mentioned that an efficient way to learn Spanish was to initially focus on the high frequency words.  Of course, I can’t recall the specific blog, but I did find a list of the 100 words.  Woohoo.  I am confident about the use of 50 of the 100 words.  The other 50, some are totally unfamiliar, and others I’m familiar but  not confident.  For example, although I would know the meaning of the word, “sobre” if I saw it in context, I couldn’t distinguish it from saber within the list, so I added both of those words to my 50 that I need to work on.  Although 50% is not very good, it is 50 % more than I used to have. And, now I have a list of words that I can really focus on.

Watching Spanish television has really drummed it into my head that certain words are repeated over and over.  For instance, I wasn’t sure what the word ‘pasar’ meant so, I looked it up in the dictionary, and the dictionary provided the phrase, “se puede pasar?”  — Can we come in”  And, wouldn’t you know it.  But, those words were repeated several times during the episode of “Por Ella Soy Eva” today.

“Por Ella Soy Eva” has become my favorite Telenovela to watch.  Even if I have no idea what’s going on, I can still laugh at the ridiculous situations that the main character gets into as a man pretending to be a woman.


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