Joy – Starting to Understand


I was hoping that I could figure out how to embed a link within the photo, but nope. I still have more to learn. Here’s the link

I’m sharing this because I was able to read it and enjoy it without looking up any words. SUCCESS.

I’m still still looking at the word “quierer” and trying to make it into an interrogative question, but my brain is slowing working it way around to accepting that it means “to want”.

I’m continuing to work on my grammar, reader, and other activities.

This week in the grammar, the reading selection was about going to the store and buying food. Food, etc. was last week’s special interest, so for the first time, the reading selection was easy and a delight to read.


One thought on “Joy – Starting to Understand

  1. Although I feel like I’m learning Spanish fairly well, my picking things up here and there can lead to oops. Here’s one. “quiero” I’ve learned to conjugate this for first person and third person, but I wasn’t directly instructed that this word is irregular. It’s not quierer. It’s apparently “querer”. Lol. So, I knew it had an “i” when I use the word but I didn’t know that I had to drop the “i” when it was an infinitive.
    I stumbled across this when I was practicing regular conjugations and just presumed that querer was regular. I shall share that conjugation practice in another post.

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