Plaza Sesamo

I watched Plaza Sesamo this morning which was just delightful, and the letter was T, the number 19, and the word was “to spin.”

We also went to the library, and I picked up some new picture books for this week.  I will need to post a separate post about the books.

I’m finding that irregular verbs and different types of conjugation are frustrating me because now, I recognize that something’s “not right” and when I encounter sentences with different conjugations, I’m at a bit of a loss.  The flip side of that is when I encounter sentences in present tense, I’m understanding fairly well.  It’s the contrast between the two that’s so frustrating.

I’m still having to think when I compose present tense conjugation, so I need a lot more practice.

I’m still trudging through my grammar, but it looks like I’m staying on track with about a unit per week.

Oh, and an exciting moment of the day was when I read one of the Spanish blogs that I follow.  chaqueta iris  I read this blog post right after I read the book Siesta in which the little boy looks for his red jacket, and I was just thrilled to see the chaqueta.   And, isn’t the giraffe awfully cute.  Just a beautiful chaqueta.  Now, to just figure out what iris means.  Is it a name or maybe a color?


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