Just a Regular Day

Yesterday, I did my grammar, and I’m learning interrogatives.  But, I am struggling with “cuando” and “cuanto”.  Their meanings are so different but they look so similar.  Fortunately, I’m trying to connect “cuanto” to the English word, quantitative.

My ancient reader continues to be a blast and I learned about “ciego.” which is “blind.”  I get a big kick out of the politically incorrect material in this book.  Anyways, the book was reviewing body parts which was how it ended up introducing blindness.  And, later in the lesson, it introduced several family relationships, i.e. cousins, aunts, and even nephews.

And, for some Spanish during my daily activites.

I had some coffee today that I didn’t enjoy at all.  “Me no gusto”   hmmm or is that “Yo no gusto.”

photo (24)

“El paquete poco de cafe – sobre navidad” which, by the way, imho tastes nasty.

To Do:

1.  I saved a photo of a Spanish menu on my ipad.  I plan to label it in English to expand my food vocabulary.  This is going to be my fun activity, and I’m hoping that I will be able to upload it easily to share on the blog.

2. Read Perros, Perros for the third time to review the adjective vocabulary.

3.  Grammar  Grammar  Grammar and another lesson from my ancient reader.

Oh, great news, I found out that the(my ancient reader) book has a second part.  I’m about a third of my way through the first book, enjoying it thoroughly, and I feared that I was going to finish it and not yet be able to read a typical reader.  I actually can read aloud this book in Spanish in my normal speaking voice and actually understand what I am saying as I speak.  When it introduces new vocabulary, I do have to slow down and decipher, but so far, it’s been really easy to figure things out.  Oddly enough, I have yet to find a modern reader that uses the same technique.  This book is tailored for a specific clientele, essentially an individual who is just starting to learn Spanish and who is literate in English and who can use context to decipher vocabulary.  So, that might be why this technique is so uncommon.  There’s just not enough individuals who would benefit from it.  Or, maybe, it’s inadequate at teaching certain issues in Spanish.  I’m not sure, but this book really motivates me to study Spanish.



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