Watched a bit of Transformers

photo (23)

Here are my notes from the movie, Transformers.  Boy, did I wear my brain out trying to decipher it.  It’s not horrible because I’m familiar with the story, but my brain finally just wore out.  Llegar/Llevar is confusing me to no end.

This morning, I watched a bit of a kids’ show called, Raggs which was fun.

I spent some time searching the internet for Spanish stuff and then, settled on making a Spanish Education board for my Pinterest.  That worked out well.

My last chapter of grammar is slow going, but is progressing.

And, I reread the book, Perros!  Perros!  That was a lot of fun, and the new adjectives are starting to stick.  The “perro sucio” = dirty, I expect has other meanings because I saw it a few times in Transformers, and I think it can be pejorative too, which is not all that surprising.

I read a tad in my vintage reader which was a hoot.  Steam boats and sail boats.  LOL

I found some nice children’s videos from Georgia Public Television


1. I still need to locate the free children’s foreign language books website.


3. I’m thinking that I should have several movies on DVD that have Spanish speech and closed captioning.  I just need to confirm that.



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