My First Post

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So, I have been learning Spanish for the past week or so.  The above book is the grammar exercise book that I have been working through.  I’m just starting its Work Unit 5 where I will be learning various ways to ask questions.

I also have First Spanish Book by Worman and Monsanto.  This was first published in 1884 and therefore, it is free on the internet. I really enjoy reading it as it is designed to be read straight through without any prior Spanish knowledge.  But, it is a product of its time and is not even slightly politically correct.

Today, I picked up two Spanish picture books at the library.  Perros!  Perros!  Dogs!  Dogs! by Ginger Guy and illustrated by Sharon Glick.  & mis comidas my foods by George Ancona.  The dog book was easy and totally enjoyable to read.  I also learned some new adjectives and practiced what I learned just as a little kid would by pointing out the various dogs which were narrow, big, small, clean, etc.  (estrecho, grande, chico, y limpio.)  The food book was more challenging as it used more complex sentence structure that I have not been introduced to yet.  But, we started the day trying to figure out how to say “breakfast” (desayuno) and various other food words, so the topic was great, and it really pushed me to figure out what was being said.  And, being able to glance down and immediately see the English was helpful.

Both books were successes.  Fortunately, the library has more by both authors.

I also watched a Saturday morning cartoon in Spanish.  The Spanish closed captioning makes this fun rather than torture.  And, we watched the tail end of Terminator II in Spanish.  That was hilarious. The person who did Arnold’s Spanish, at times, was doing his accent, too.   I may end up watching more action films because there’s not that much speech which gives me more time to figure out what’s being said.

It may seem like I did a lot today, but much of it was part of our usual activities.  For example, I read the picture books while running errands in the car.  And, we typically watch an anime episode during dinner, and I’ve added watching 30 minutes of Spanish television to that.

My to do list:

1. Work on grammar, ie Spanish Now! text

2. Find out if Netflix has any good Spanish children’s shows.

3. I’m always on the look out for everyday sources of Spanish material, i.e. a kids meal in Spanish, Spanish instructions, etc.  Right now, Spanish kid stuff is probably more likely at my reading level, but I will take a look at anything.

4. Find the online free kids book website because I know there’s one that has an enormous amount of foreign language material.


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